How to Make & Break Habits Basic Science behind Habits

“How to Make & Break Habits” is a working session gives comprehensive understanding about various aspects of Habits and answers various questions like, How Habits play key role in anyone’s life ? What is the science behind the formation of new Habit?, How to avoid bad habits? etc.This session includes, simple and effective techniques and steps to acquire a new habit and retain it for lifetime. As a whole, it facilitates students to learn concepts and basic science behind Habit formation and eventually it helps in achieving big goals in their life.

Progressive Habits – Moving towards your GOAL

Habits are divided into Good habits and Bad Habits by default. Unfortunately, Good and Bad is subjective in nature, and definitions of these words changes according religion, community, place. In order to avoid this confusion about what is good habit and what is bad habit, we have come up with new classification of Habits i.e. Progressive Habits and Pointless Habits. Progressive habits can be defined as habits which helps in achieving your goals or targets and productive in nature . On the other hand, any habit which deviates you from your goals and targets, it is pointless habit.“Progressive Habits” is a working session which gives clarity on  identify progressive habits and pointless habits  in your life. By the end of the session, you will know, how to accommodate more progressive habits in your life and eliminate pointless habits.

Morning Habits – Exponential Growth Factors

Most of the successful people are in the morning club of 5AM. Studies have shown that, exponential growth is inevitable for the people, who pursue their keystone habits in early morning hours. Two common habits are found in the successful people. First one is daily reading habit in pursuit of learning and second one is to strengthen keystone skill or habit  by repeating it in the morning hours. Ultimate solution to achieve more in your life is to identify keystone habits which will lead them to your goal and pursue in the morning hours.“Morning Habits” is an ultimate working session, which reveals the secrets among willpower, morning habits and successful life. The sure way of exponential growth in your life.

HAPPY HABITS – Hormones behind Happiness

Scientist could not find reasons for happiness in religion texts, material world and spiritual concepts. After a long research, medical studies found that,” release of hormones are the reason behind happiness and unhappiness”. There are four happy hormones namely oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin.”Happy habits” is a working session to know happy hormones of human life and balancing hormones release to lead a happy life.

Habituate Questioning – Human Race progress Started with “?”

Human race has been developing for centuries in order to answers unsolved questions, in this process Humans have become developed species on the earth. If we see the main factor of revolutionary evolution  of human being on the earth is curiosity. Out of curiosity, human began to question and find solutions. Needless to say that, the primitive and primary habit of human is Questioning everything, which made whole difference in evolution. “Habituate Questioning” is a working session to understand the power of questioning ourselves to overcome our problems, set goals, design procedure and many more.

GOOD DIET = GOOD LIFE – Good diet includes many things…

Good diet keeps your life Happy and Healthy. Good diet includes taking healthy food, using positive words, progressive thinking, productive listening, building strong relationships, reading good books, watching healthy videos and holding positive memorable experience at the heart at the end of the day. “Good diet = Good Life” is a session in which all the aspect of life are discussed, debated and delivered.

Stressbuster Habits – Ways to get out of STRESS

High Stress is a bi-product of your 21st Century,  weather you like it or not !. Everyday good amount of stress is added to life. Good amount of stress is the driving force behind your progress too, so we can’t live stress free life all the time but stress beyond our capacity to handles will hamper our personal and professional life. The best way is to overcome high stress levels is to identify your own stress buster habits and pursuing those when ever you are in high stress, makes life easier. Those who don’t know how to handle stress, undoubtedly end their life in misery. At school level if students can learn to manage their high stress with proper habits, they will lead a good life in teenage and adulthood without falling into trap of bad relationships and bad habits. This   “Stress Bursting Habits” is an exclusive working session for STRESS LESS life.

Vision Board – Plan of future ACHIEVEMENT

“With out vision , human life  will perish” is not just a saying not to be kept in Mind but to follow . Great revolutions, Great  inventions in the world are made out of great vision. Vision is not only confined to greatest things in the world, Vision is all about outline of your dream, which defines boarders and boundaries of your future achievements. A good combination of Vision and Mission brings Healthy, Happiness , Prosperity and Wealth in life. “Vision Board” is a working session to draw your own vision board which includes your goals, favourite words, sentences and achievable dreams. This is adding more colour to your dreams in all aspects.

Smart Reading Habit  – Double your speed reading

Smart Reading is also called as Speed Reading, it gives full work to your brain as a consequence concentration is improved. “Smart Reading Habit” working session gives you a brief idea about different reading patterns, effective reading styles and mastery of speed reading skill. Ultimate goal of this working session is neither make you as world fastest reader nor Guinness book record holder in speed reading but it mainly focus on to improve your reading speeding , usually doubles your reading speed. Switching yourself into different reading modes depending upon different reading context and subjects. At the end of the day.

Mind Mapping HabitHabit that simplifies Learning

Mind mapping is the natural language of brain and it is most convenient pattern to  remember, retain and recollect. Note making in the class will be redefined with mind mapping habit. Most of the things, you could remember when you are listening to the lecture itself, and recollection in the exam time will be a cakewalk. Unconsciously everyone uses mind mapping in taking notes but no one puts efforts to master in this skill. “Mind Mapping Habit” working session masters you in drawing Mind maps with ease, which multiplies your productive learning time. It also helps reduces number of repetition.

Achievement Habit – Bring out sprit of achievement

Let don’t happen your success celebration before day of your death, every little task you complete is a success and your purpose of your life is to celebrate little successes. Every student has been waiting for the grand day of success to celebrate with full joy and happiness, unfortunately that grand day never comes in 99% of students and Grand day moves ahead with new target for those remaining 1% of students. This session exclusively focus on making every day as a grand day in your life. You will learn to look for opportunities to be successful every movement in order to celebrate Grand day of Life.

Learning Habit – Learning means gaining

Learning is a continuous process , it is not just confined to certain age. Always, Continuous Learners have an advantage of being ahead of others by default. Conscious study of your daily pattern gives threads of learning habit. Fulfilling daily quota makes you learning habit strong. We can find good number of successful people all over the world at their eighties still learning. Make Learning habit  is a  part of your life, that keeps you on the top of the helm in your field. This working session “ LEARNING HABIT” shows ways of learning and improves quest to learn. Remember! Learning is always gaining something, somehow laying a brick in your Success.

Brain is an app – Manual to understand your brain function

Humans are born without Brain manual. First seven to eight  years of human life has been programmed based on the experiences and encounters of family, relatives, friends, school, society, especially environment and rest of the life is outcome of program happened.  Fortunate thing is that, with a conscious  effort, we can reprogram. This working session “Brain is an app” gives a brief description of brain programing process, analysis of keystone aspects which are influencing our life, and how to change to get expected results.

  • Teach to Learn – Double benefits for single activity
  • Mind your Mind – For personal transformation
  • ACT NOW HABIT – Miracles are made
  • Spiritual Habits – Life savers when you are in dilemma
  • Habit of Expressing – Filling Communication gaps

AnalysProblems vary from student to student. If the student is aware about his/her problem, the problem is half solved. This forms the first phase of Coaching includes –Identifying problems in the student’s academic life which are bothering them and hampering the progress of marks and grades. Different questionnaires are administered to understand the ground level problems of students and then analyses data using qualitative and quantitative methods to figure out student’s areas of strengths and weaknesses and to find out his/her own areas where there is a scope for improvement. Student analysis is the first phase in coaching, based on which selective working sessions are suggested.

AssignmentsAnalysis of student gives an overall understanding about his/her Academic life. After discussion with student and parents, the Coach selects the working sessions which has content to be taught and mini-assignments. These assignments are simplified tasks of few minutes which would become part of their life as a daily routine. Assignments are unique in nature, which are entirely different from school homework and especially they are pen & paper less tasks. Majority of these tasks can be completed by students on their own at school itself.

AssessmentEvery student’s performance and progress is recorded by the Coach Team. Depending up on the assignment, student gets phone calls after the school hours to record and monitor the improvement either on a daily basis or weekly basis.

Since every person is different, outcomes also differ for the same assignment. After assessment of tasks for a month, the Coach identifies what are the things to be worked out and gives expected results in terms of hurdles which are hampering the growth. According to the student’s capacity and capability, the Coach alters the assignments till they achieve their objective.

AchieveMany students either don’t focus on their academic life or have too many over ambitious academic goals that spoil their academic life happiness. Students are advised to take up one or two tasks at a time and try to implement them in their daily life and inculcate academic habits as their part of life. At the end of this process, students get habituated to improving their academic skills. After becoming successful at one habit, student is given free hand to select another academic habit and inculcate it in his/her life. If they understand the process behind acquiring a habit two or three times, then they will be in a position to bring positive changes in their life at any point of life. As an Academic Habit Coach, Mohan Palani aims at making students to be self-competent in programming and reprogramming their brains according to their goals.